Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Go Whole Hog on New Year's Eve


Around this time last year, I read on Serious Eats and Fork in the Road about the lechónes (whole roasted baby pigs) that you can order from the New Public Market in Sunset Park and I've been thinking about them ever since. Lawman has lovingly recounted the pig roasts he attended as a child while living in the Philippines, so when his birthday rolled around this year, I knew just what to do...

Here's the drill. You need to give the market about a week's notice and you need to go in person to put down a $25 deposit and get a receipt. On pig day, you pay the balance at the New Public Market and then they send you over to La Flor Bakery on 5th and 42st. Our 25 pound pig came to about $130. Your pig will likely be ready before you're ready to serve, so when you get it home, be sure to wrap it in tin foil to hold the heat in. Then about 30 minutes wrap before serving put the pig in a 250 degree oven to crisp the skin up again.


Perfect for a meat loving crowd, the lechón was crispy, crunchy, and super flavorful--garlicky and delicious. We easily fed 14 and have had a couple of nights of pork tacos for the two of us since then with more leftovers destined for the freezer. This is definitely a special occasion meal worth repeating.


The New Public Market
5021 5th Avenue (at 50th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11220

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