Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009!

Death Note
2009 is closing up shop, so let's take a look back on the year that was...

Brussels Sprout Speck Pizza
January brought me to Co. and Motorino in one evening

Cannoli alla Siciliana
And to what is quite possibly the best Restaurant Week meal out there.

PB Jamwiches for Lovers
I'm still getting requests for the Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies from February.

Blondie's perfect evening
Little did I know that I was checking out my soon-to-be new neighborhood whilst pub crawling in March.

Bacon Cupcakes!!
But I did know I was overdoing it on the bacon front.

Mac & Cheese Pancakes
April brought me one of the best things I'd had in ever: Mac & Cheese pancakes.

Strawberry Fields
Moniker made my May with a food marathon.

June brought heat and Elvis sandwiches

The highlight of July was going to Katchkie Farm.

Jacques Pépin
And then August came, I saw him, in real life, the cutest French man ever. I want him to show me what to cook for dinner. I want him to tell me how to melt chocolate and cover cornflakes with it. I want him to read me bedtime stories. Jacques Pépin.

Beef Goulash and Dumplings
I'm finally able to eat hearty Czech food again after the summer vacation to the homeland.

Mmm, Trix Ice Cream
September meant moving to my new borough!! and the Vendys!!

Smoked Brisket Bao
Apparently it will be another three months before I can eat Fatty 'Cue again after my October preview (unless anyone would like to take me to Fatty Crab tonight!)

Morning Bun From Tartine
Hopefully I will be visiting San Francisco very soon. I have been thinking about their breakfasts since November.

December brought us pop pies

Chocolate Babka from Russ & Daughters
which brought us the best chocolate babka ever.


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