Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hitting up the New Haven Cupcake Truck, At Long Last

Cupcake Truck New Haven

When you live in New York you become accustomed to lines. Lines for good pizza, lines for your favorite brunch place, and yes, lines for food trucks. Now where I'm from in New Haven, people wait in line for two things. Pizza and pastries--usually pastries of the Italian variety in anticipation of various feast days. Well, now you can add cupcakes to that list...

I've been wanting to try the New Haven Cupcake Truck for ages. They typically are on the road from Monday through Friday when I'm typically in NYC. A family event brought me home to CT a little early just a few Fridays ago and I knew that I would be seeking out the Cupcake Truck.

As soon as my dad picked me up from the train, I revealed the plan. Pick up cupcakes. Pick up Thai food. Right before I left for New Haven I checked out the Cupcake Truck's twitter. They were planning to be outside the Study Hotel on Chapel Street from 4:00pm until they ran out. But when we arrived the truck was no where to be found. Sadness. So Dad and I drove around in search of this Thai place I read about online. A few laps around downtown lead us back to Chapel Street where we decided to check out Thai Taste. As we passed the Study Hotel we noticed that a long line had formed. Could it be?

Cupcake Truck New Haven

YES! The Cupcake Truck was pulling into position. After about 15 minutes of waiting in line, it was my turn. At the Cupcake Truck you get to choose your cupcake and frosting for $2 and then you can add toppings like rainbow and chocolate sprinkles for .25. Premium toppings like cocoa nibs go for .50 or more. My first choice was easy--red velvet with vanilla frosting. I was intrigued by their pumpkin cupcake, but torn between their maple cream cheese frosting and their chocolate frosting. Cupcake Truck co-owners, Todd and Marsha Rowe suggested that I needed to try it with half and half. Brilliant!

Cupcake Truck New Haven

The cupcakes were delicious. Moist and sweet but not too sweet. I shared bites with the fam and they were a hit all around. Certifiably delicious. Now I have to figure out how to get myself back to New Haven when the Cupcake Truck is out and about...

Cupcake Truck New Haven

The Cupcake Truck
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The Girl with the Book said...

The 2 cupcakes choco and vanila looks so cute!
you made me craving for one right now :)

Kat said...

Yay, it's nice to see New Haven finally represented! I saw the New Haven Cupcake Truck covered in CT Magazine a few months ago (along with that adorable couple in your last photograph) and had been meaning to try it. I just might give it a shot now! Also, have you tried the food carts over on Church St., next to Yale-New Haven Hospital?

Brownie said...

@Katherine: I haven't had a chance to check out much of the cart scene in New Haven. Why did all these awesome carts arrive after I moved to NY? :) I have had the lamb tacos from the Tijuana Taco Truck ( Any other trucks I should seek out?

Katherine said...

One of my most recent finds is the tres leches cake at the arepas cart, which is one of the carts farthest from the hospital. I don't know if they still have it since I haven't been there in a while (they kept slices of it in a cooler last summer), but it was a great, really authentic tres leches cake. There is also a Chinese cart with really good General Tso's chicken (if you're into greasy Chinese food) across the street from the plaza (with the pigeons), which doesn't really have a name. It has a sign that says something along the lines of "Healthy, Not Oily". But beware, there is an imposter cart with mediocre Chinese food and a similar sign on the same side of the street as the plaza. Those are just my recommendations. I don't know how these carts would compare with the ones in Manhattan, but they're cheap and tasty.

Truck Rental said...

Looks yummy and right in place :) hope to meet a truck of this kind someday..

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