Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If You Ask for Spicy, Pongsri Won't Coddle You

Pad Ki Mao from Pongsri

One of the challenges of being super pale and WASP-ish is that it can be really hard convincing restaurants that I can handle my heat. Such is the case with 99% of the Thai places I've been to, but last week I discovered that Pongsri is not one of those places...

I've been to Pongsri before and they do pretty good Thai for midtown. This time I was in the mood for something with a kick so I ordered the chicken Pad Ki Mao and asked for it spicy. The waitress didn't bat an eye. There was no spiciness negotiation. No, "are you sure you want it spicy?" And when the food arrived it had enough heat to make my nose run just a little. Now that's a succesful lunch in my book.

I later noticed if you look at the bottom of the menu at Pongsri it says: "All Dishes Indicating * Can Be Made To Order From Less Hot & Spicy, Hot & Spicy, Very Hot & Spicy, Thai Hot & Spicy." Next time I'm kicking it up to Very Hot & Spicy.

Pongsri Thai
244 West 48th St
New York, NY 10036
Tel: (212) 582-3392


Anonymous said...

better than pam real thai a block west?

Brownie said...

@anon: I've actually never been to Pam Real Thai. Are you a fan? What do you recommend there?

LKPheartsfood said...

Oh man, I love Ponsgri Thai! I like a meal that makes my nose run juuuust a little. Not sure if I'm ready for "Thai Hot & Spicy," though!