Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Speaking of Gingerbread.....

Ginger Brew-Ha-Ha
Brownie's got her gingerbread treats down. You can't hold her back when she knows about that gingerbread doughnut! But if making gingerbread houses are more your holiday thing, I have the contest for you.

Next Wednesday, the 30th, the Ginger Brewhaha Extravaganza will be going on at The Bell House. Yes, it's a gingerbread house-making contest headed up by Roopa from Raspberry Eggplant. And I, Miss Blondie, will be there in special attendance. It's $20 to enter yourself and up to 3 friends (teams of up to 4), be provided with materials, and build a spectacular gingerhouse in a hour. There will be bands, there will be sweets, there will be prizes! Registration starts at 6:30, construction starts at 7. For more information or to sign up early, email gingerbreadbellhouse at gmail.com. And be sure to check out the Facebook page!

The Bell House
149 7th Avenue
Gowanus, Brooklyn

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roopa said...

Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to finally meeting you next week.