Friday, December 18, 2009

'Tis the Season to Eat Gingerbread in its many forms

Gingerbread Bread Doughnut
I love gingerbread and 'tis the season to find it in its many forms. From soft serve at Momofuku Milk Bar to custard at the Shake Shack and of course, donuts at Doughnut Plant, it's time to get your ginger on...

The gingerbread doughnut has been sighted at the Doughnut Plant. I LOVE this doughnut. It's spicy and delicious and I hope it sticks around until Valentine's Day like last year.

The gingerbread custard at Shake Shack is rich and creamy with a nice ginger flavor. There was some sadness when it was left out of the custard rotation last December, but fear not, this month it's back so you can get your ginger fix on Sundays.

Last but certainly not least, we learned that Momofuku Milk Bar is going to be rotating in new soft serve flavors, gingerbread included. Here's the new flavor lineup: sugar cookie, gingerbread, orange & clove, and cereal milk custard with pizzelle, cheddar popcorn, fudge sauce, and cornflake crunch to top it off.

We'll keep you posted on all the latest in gingerbread news. I hope the Treats Truck does gingerbread slices!

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Anonymous said...

are there chunks of gingerbread in the gingerbread custard at shake shack? [a la their coffee and donuts custard]