Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to the King!

Photos from Brooklyn Kitchen's 3rd Annual Cupcake Cookoff

The King of Rock and Rock, Elvis Aaron Presley, would have been 75 today. How are you going to celebrate? Might I suggest a fried Robicelli's Elvis cupcake from ChipShop...?

Banana cupcake + peanut butter buttercream + candied bacon deep fried = fitting tribute to the king. According to the Robicelli's Facebook page the ChipShop in Park Slope started selling the deep fried Elvises yesterday (aka Elvis birthday eve). The fabulous Stacie Joy from CCTC has the full scoop. Looks like this weekend ChipShop will be doing Sticky Toffee Pudding and Car Bomb deep fried cupcakes as well. While Sticky Toffee and Car Bombs have more of a UK connection, it is the King's birthday this weekend. You know what to do....

383 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215-3304
(718) 244-7746

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