Friday, January 8, 2010

Non-Chocolate, Non-Porcine Roni-Sue Goodies

Buttercrunch Cookies
God bless Rhonda Kave, we love her! Hanging out at the Roni-Sue counter is one of my favorite things to do: Michelle's quips, Rhonda letting you eat all the chocolate samples, Zach Shopsin randomly throwing Jesus toast, there isn't a better way to spend an afternoon off. And now I have a new favorite thing, the Buttercrunch cookie.

Buttercrunch Cookies
I will admit I do try to limit my Roni-Sue visits because I always want to take home Pig Candy, or BaCorn, or now Buttercrunch cookies. They're chewy, buttery, nutty sweet goodness, and just as good the next day (I did have the So Good at Shopsin's-the line has to be drawn somewhere!) They're offering at least one other type of cookie, Chocolate Chocolate, and I suspect many more are in the works. Apparently this is what I've been missing, and now that Ginger is converted, I doubt I'll be away for long.

Check out the latest Roni-Sue article in the current Edible Manhattan.

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