Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Like Whoppers as Cake

Chocolate Malt Cake
And I mean the Chocolate Whoppers-malted milk balls, not Burger King Whoppers. The malted milk Whoppers are one of my favorite candies, maybe it comes from eating the Robin Eggs in my Easter basket, but I love them.

Chocolate Malt Cake
So when Momofuku brought Chocolate Malt Cake to the Milk Bar menu, it went on the list of things to try before it was rotated out. I was anticipating Whoppers in cake formation. I got a dense chocolate cake with a fudgy ganache frosting with marshmallows. Top it with a graham cracker and call it a s'more. Not that it was bad, the cake was good in itself though I needed a glass of milk after two bites. The marshmallows couldn't stand up to the chocolate, and by that I mean I didn't taste them at all. It was very decadent dessert made for splitting. Maybe if switched out the marshmallows for Whoopers? It's still available if you want to try!

Momofuku Milk Bar
207 2nd Avenue


MmmCheese said...

Whoa - that looks INTENSE. Also, delicious! Glad you enjoyed it!

Sumintra said...

have you tried the malted cake at Baked?

Melissa Zhang said...

I love whoppers too, and I thought the soft serve (while it was still there) was more like the candy. My favorite Momofuku cake is still the Banana.