Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So That's What Flagels Are For!

Bacon, egg white, cheese and tomato flagel sandwich from Terrace Bagels

I'll fully admit that I've never really understood flagels (aka flat bagels). For a brief (sad, sad) moment when I was low carbing it, I thought I got it--it's kind of like a scooped out bagel, less carbs inside, right? But really--and flagel afficianados you can correct me here--it's just a regular bagel that's been flattened. More surface area for your schmear. Less of the dense chew factor. While I support more surface area, I do miss the chew factor. But, the other day I discovered the flagel in it's perfect form: the base of a killer breakfast sandwich...

I generally don't go for bagel breakfast sandwiches because between the thickness of the bagel and all the filling, it's recipe for a jaw ache for me. Flagels give you the bagelike experience while making for a sandwich that you can still fit in your mouth. Win!

Take one toasted Terrace Bagels flagel, add egg whites, American cheese, crispy bacon(!), and tomatoes. The tomatoes are key to the sandwich. Not that there's anything wrong with bacon, egg, and cheese, but the tomatoes give a what's admittedly a "farmer's breakfast" (or just a gut bomb) that little bit of lightness. I recommend going with an everything flagel if they have them--those toasty oniony bits take the sandwich right over the top. Delicious.

Bacon, egg white, cheese and tomato flagel sandwich from Terrace Bagels

Terrace Bagels
224 Prospect Park W
between 16th St & Windsor Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 768-3943


P*P*P said...

Being that I am on the all too familiar diet (GASP!)-- this breakfast sandwich REALLY isn't helping me this morning....I am SO CRAVING it...I think I'll go eat a banana now... :(

Sara Tea said...

As the web page loaded I saw that sandwich staring me in the face, and holy crap. I'm pretty sure I'm taking the next flight to NY to eat that. I'm pretty sure Missouri doesn't know anything about flagels. haha

PhillyGirl said...

I'm feeling the "flagel" as a good alternative to toast or English muffin for an egg/bacon sandwich.. I couldn't imagine getting that between an Essabagel -- wayyy too much filling.. now that hurts your mouth!

Annie Wang said...

Isn't that a bialy?