Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bake Your Own Treats for V-Day

Valentine's Day Goodies from NY Cake and Bake

I don't ask for much for Valentine's Day. No need to buy me over priced flowers or a super fancy dinner. Not that I don't like flowers or fancy dinner, but I can appreciate a more low key celebration. And of course nothing says lovin' like a little something something from the oven. Right now NY Cake and Bake is a Valentine's Day wonderland. If you're looking for some V-Day baking inspiration, I suggest taking a little trip to 22nd Street...

Heart shaped cookie cutters of all sizes? Check.
Flirty cupcake papers and decorative cupcake wrappers? Check and check.
Red, white and pink heart shaped sprinkles? Check, check, check.

Valentine's Day Goodies from NY Cake and Bake

I love cooking supply stores the same way that I love art supply stores--everywhere I look there's something tiat inspires me creatively. Last year I bought a special heart shaped pan from NY Cake and Bake for making mini chocolate Valentino cakes. I'm plotting a return trip for some V-Day goodies soon.

For those of you not in the city, you can shop NY Cake and Bake online--looks like they seriously revamped their website from the last time I visited. They even have a special Valentine's Day section.

NY Cake and Bake online
56 W 22nd St, between 5th and 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(212) 675-2253


I heart cupcakes said...

Oh I wish I'd found this place when I visited last year - they have such cute stuff!

Melissa Zhang said...

Ahh, I have to stop myself from going in there sometimes. It's dangerously easy to overstuff my cabinets and empty out my pocketbook this way. But what cute cupcake wrappers ..must.. resist!