Friday, February 19, 2010

Red Velvet Madness

Red Velvet Cruller
When Brownie and Lawman finally tried the Red Velvet Doughnut from Peter Pan, they didn't get the chance to try both of their red velvet specialties. Because not only does Peter Pan make the doughnuts, they make red velvet crullers-the pièce de résistance in my hangover cure-all.

Red Velvet Cruller
They aren't fully red velvet crullers, more of a red velvet/regular twist. The glaze is wonderfully crunchy and sweet, while the cake is moist and flavorful, and the colors together are just beautiful. As with anything made daily, the fresher you can get these, the exponentially better they are. I've had many at 9 in the morning, but the ones saved for the end of the day aren't half bad either

Peter Pan Bakery
727 Manhattan Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
(718) 389-3676

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Paula said...

I must go to Peter Pan, love the name, but the doughnuts you are showing are driving me insane...