Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Travels with Brownie: Mallorcas in Puerto Rico

I'll freely admit that the restaurant section is the first thing I scope out in any travel guide. And it was the Rough Guide to Puerto Rico that pointed me in the direction of Cafeteria Mallorca, an Old San Juan institution where I made a breakfast of grilled sweet pastry filled with cheese. Ooooh yeah...


With its brown, orange and yellow 60s era decor and black capped and uniformed waitstaff Cafeteria Mallorca has a great classic diner feel. I ordered a Mallorca with cheese though in retrospect, it would not have been bad with a little bacon or ham.


The soft sweet pastry from the window was sliced and stuffed with American cheese and grilled. Sort of a Puerto Rican version of Shopsin's So Good.


The outside provided a nice little bit of crunch and the inside reached that melty goo perfection that you get from good old American cheese. And I can't say I minded the generous sprinkle of powdered sugar on the outside. Delicious.


I had never heard of Mallorcas until I visited San Juan, so I was surprised I got back to the States to discover that Starbucks is serving their own "Mallorca Sweet Breads"--and apparently has been since 2009.


I picked up one of the Starbucks Mallorcas at a shop in Connecticut. Their Mallorcas were sweeter and more lemony than the ones from Cafeteria Mallorca and definitely could have benefited from some melty cheese filling--then again most things could benefit from melty cheese filling...


Cafeteria Mallorca
300 Calle San Francisco
San Juan, PR 00933
(787) 724-4607


Su-Lin said...

I saw your photos and first went, "hey, ensaimadas!". But then those were called mallorcas... which is funny because mallorca is famous for its ensaimadas. Huh. I reckon there must be a relation...

the savvy soybean said...

Those look unbelievable. I'm all for melted cheese in/on/around just about anything. The Starbucks version is, I'm sure, a preservative-filled artificial nightmare.. but those authentic ones look pretty darn good!