Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If It's 46 Degrees and Sunny, You Can Bet On a Line at the Shack

Sunny Winter Day Line at the Shake Shack

After all the snow, it's no wonder that when the thermometer broke the 40s that there was a line at the Shack. A new month means new custard flavors and this month's offerings look absolutely delicious...

March Custard Calendar

There are three repeat flavors from last March--March Mango Madness, Peppermint Patty and the ever popular, Coffee and Donuts, mmmm...donuts. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel also sounds like a winner. I hope the nice weather continues so I can make some repeat visits to the Shack this month.

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park AND 366 Columbus Ave (at 77th Street)
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Gar said...

awww...why do they have the flavor I want on a weekday. :( Do you have a favorite flavor?

Unknown said...

It's going to be gorgeous out this weekend! A very long line at shake shack is already predictable! people enjoying burgers and shakes at the park! Chocolate Chuckles sounds good to me!

Brownie said...

@Gar: It's like the law of Shake Shack...the more you want to try a flavor the less convenient it will be to make it to the Shack on the precise day. I'm personally partial to the Red Velvet.

Unknown said...

Any idea what chocolate chuckles is? It almost sounds like another play on snickers (think last year's "giggles"...which I never tried, but sounded delish). Guess I'll have to check it out tomorrow :)