Monday, March 1, 2010

Little Mini Frosting Cookie Sammie-wiches

Fanny & Jane Buttercream Sammies
I love little surprises especially when you're doing something routine like walking into your corner coffee shop and spotting new goodies being offered. Even better when those new goodies are delicious-looking wee snack desserts from a bakery you've never heard of. Will it actually be delicious, or will I be let down?

Fanny & Jane Buttercream Sammies
Fanny & Jane is the recently-opened Brooklyn bakery run by two friends that is slowly getting its goods into cafes and coffee shops around New York. Cup on Norman only started caring their line last week, and while I went for the Mini Sammies, I spied the Red Velvet Bites and Mini Brownies available. Minis of any desserts are hard to make; the proportion has to be just right or you can easily end up with a mediocre treat. Not this time. The mini chocolate chip are wonderful-buttery, chewy, the right balance of vanilla and chocolate. The buttercream frosting middle leaned more in the famous sandwich cookie cream middle than a whoopie pie cream middle, and had the right amount of sweet. At $2.25 for four, these little sammies were a nice treat during my Saturday afternoon.

Fanny & Jane's desserts are also available online for ordering, check out their website

Norman Avenue between Manhattan and Lorimer
Greenpoint and their Twitter

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