Monday, March 22, 2010

Midtown Lunch: Brownie For The Win

One of the many benefits of having a two-person blog is when one of us is 'sent home from work' sick, the other picks up the slack. This came in handy two-fold in the past two weeks, not only did Brownie pick up my slack here, she helped out a lot on Midtown Lunch. It's been two weeks of coughing, medicine, Thin Mints, and herbal tea, and I owe her a pie now.

My head lady got one of the first look's at Manhattan's first Kyochon, checked out oatmeal options, showed it's possible to make a chicken tikka sandwich, ate overpriced cookies, found our newest Balkan place, and some Irish spirit at Pret.

I did put my illness to some use and compared some vegetable soup options.

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