Monday, March 8, 2010

Midtown Lunch (The "Cart Tour" Edition)

food cart tour collage
Babies, tourists, cold weather, work, nothing will keep Brownie away from her carts. The lady has her Midtown faves down pat, and she was willing to share her '10 for $10 Cart Tour' master plan with the masses. I've just been eating a lot of fried sandwiches.

Healthy Vegetarian and Famous Halal Cart Mashup
Brownie's trying to start a cart mashup revolution (I see what you're doing there!), which continued the next day when she hit up the Vegetarian Cart and discovered they serve chicken. That's the 1% carnivore part, I guess. When she's not getting her cart on, she's getting her shiksa on with some Hamantaschen.

The Fall of Saigon
I continued my love of sandwiches and piggies taking one for the Catholic team at Blarney Stone, devoured the pork shu mai from NYC Cravings, and ate chicken wings as a sandwich.

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rinda in brooklyn said...

This is why i love reading your blog! best food tour writeup ever!