Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time to Eat in Brookie-lyns

Dine In Brooklyn
Everyone knows about Restaurant Week, but Dine In Brooklyn has come upon us yet again. This year more than 175 restaurants are lined up to participate in the brunch, lunch, and dinner deals that start on March 15th, including some of Brownie's favorites.

Miriam Brunch Potato Pancake
Yes, both Miriam and Bogota Bistro are taking on Dine In Brooklyn again with lunches going for $20.10 and dinners for $25. But if you play it really smart, you get 'two-fer' meals, yes, two meals for the price of one. Check out the pink highlighted part of the list to get the most food for your money.

Dine In Brooklyn goes from March 15th to March 25th, click here for the list of restaurants or go to for more information.

79 5th Ave
Park Slope
(718) 622-2250

Bogotá Bisto
141 5th Ave
Park Slope
(718) 230-3805

P.S. Brownie, you still owe me that dinner!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention Blondie & Brownie! Hope to see you here that week at
We're also on facebook:

Unknown said...

Very good plate in pic :)!During a Brooklyn New York tours i aet in different restaurants and i thing that Bogotà Bisto in one of my prefered ! ;)!