Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend Brunch: Eggs with Debrecina Sausage from Cafe Steinhof


As much as I love Cafe Steinhof's great weekly music acts and late Sunday Night Films, I've never actually been there for brunch until now...

A couple weekends ago, Lawman and I found ourselves in a brunch rut. We were meeting up with a friend and couldn't agree on where to go. The old favorites were quickly ruled out. "How about Cafe Steinhof?" I asked. After a quick online perusal of their menu (and many sub $10 options) Lawman was officially sold. To Steinhof we went.

My heart was telling me to go for the smoked pork loin with sauerkraut on country rye, but since hours later I would be at Cochon555, I opted for a less pork intensive, but still ham-laced, spaetzle with eggs while Lawman ordered the two eggs with Debrecina sausage.

Spaetzle with ham and eggs from Cafe Steinhof

I've only ever had spaetzle twice in my life (both times at Cafe Steinhof), so I don't really have any great point of comparison in terms of how their spaetzle rates in the grand scheme of spaetzledom. While it was tasty in a nice starchy, comfort food sort of way, after snagging a bit of Lawman's breakfast, I kind of wished that I had ordered the Debrecina myself.


This pork sausage had a nice spicy kick, not overly hot, just really tasty. The skin on potatoes that came with Lawman's breakfast were plump and perfectly roasted. And though there's no indication on the menu you get two sausages with your order. Two! Add in the eggs and salad and at $9, this is a total brunch steal and will leave you more than satisfied.

Cafe Steinhof
422 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 369-7776

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God Bless Cafe Steinhof!