Monday, April 5, 2010

April at the Shack!

Strawberry Blonde

Hooray for April! I'm hoping for lots of sunshine and lots of visits to the Shake Shack. How could I not when this month's custard flavors at the Shack look so enticingly delicious...

One of Blondie's favs, the Strawberry Blonde (natch) is back on Wednesdays. But I have to admit that the two I'm most interested in trying are Fluffernutter (Fridays) and Pancakes and Bacon (Saturdays). I wonder if the Pancakes and Bacon is the same as the Pancake Custard with Bacon topping that Blondie had way back when.


Steve said...

we shared a scoop of the pancakes & bacon on saturday. sadly there were no bacon chunks in it. i only got a sweet cream/pancakey flavor out of it, but the girlfriend also got some bacon flavor, but not much.

someone should tell Danny that you can never be heavy handed with bacon.

Jessica said...

Oooh very excited about these custard flavors! What is the Strawberry Blonde exactly??

Too bad about the pancakes and bacon flavor... Wouldn't it be amazing with big chunks of pancake and bacon in it? And candied nuts too? Maybe some orange zest?? Boo, too bad.

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Brownie said...

@steven: no bacon pieces?! booo. I was hoping it might be a little more reminiscent of the Lumberjack concrete: they did at the Upper West Side branch last May.

@jessica: I couldn't agree more!

Mr. Micro said...

We need some intel on that fluffernutter flavor stat! If you've had it, please do tell.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Well, I went to today, and my double-dip of the Pancakes & Bacon frozen custard definitely had bacon in it. Well, more accurately, on it. And I know people who went last week who also had lots of bacon-topped frozen goodness. Maybe things changed after the first weekend? -Here's my iPhone pic of today's offering:

Unknown said...

I also tried the Fluffernutter yesterday - I was gone for two weeks, so I had some catching up to do. It tasted fine to me. A good balance of marshmallow sweetness with peanut butter. I ended up going for scoop topped with shortbread cookies and bananas - sort of of classic combo. *And there's still one more Friday to try the flavor.