Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CupcakeCamp NYC 2010 is Coming This Friday!

This year's CupcakeCamp NYC promises to be bigger and better than ever. With Buttercup Bake Shop on board as one CupcakeCamp NYC's official sponsors donating some of their yummy cupcakes AND paying for an open bar during the first hour of the event (or whenever the tab runs out - whichever comes first), it's no wonder there's a waitlist for the cupcake gathering of the year...

CupcakeCamp NYC will feature the lovely ladies from Cupcakes Take the Cake, Kathy "Metalcakes" Bejma and cupcake author, Jennifer Ross and will take over Happy Ending for the second year in a row for 2.5 hours of cupcake love, this Friday, April 9th.

Follow this link get on the wait list. All the details are available on the official Cupcake Camp Blog.

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