Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Prize Pies are Completely Awesome

S'mores Pie
The Kave family has some crazy culinary gene that has resulted in mom Rhonda opening Roni-Sue (one of our favorite places in NYC), son Corwin cooking at the Fattys, and now daughter Allison starting First Prize Pies. They could probably start auctioning off tickets to a Kave Family Dinner and get top-dollar.

Inside S'mores Pie
First Prize Pies was only recently created after Allison found inspiration in her win at the 1st Annual Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off last November, and of course as soon as Brownie and I heard that she would be selling pies out of Roni-Sue on Saturdays, it was a race who could get pie first. To the winner, go the spoils-my tummy said "thank you." Since my famous S'mores Cupcake I'll admit that I haven't come across a sold bakery item that's better than mine. Until I ate the Allison's S'more pie, that is. It's the pie version of my cupcake-graham cracker crust, milk chocolate ganache, and toasted marshmallow topping, and quite possibly the best tasting thing I ate all weekend. It all comes together so perfectly, nothing overwhelming, truly the sum is greater than the parts. One slice is enough to satisfy a craving, but I completely plan on buying a pie as a summer BBQ dessert (or for a post-breakup vegging binge.)

Pecan Pie
But that's not all I had, I also scored a mini personal Pecan Bourbon pie which I swear I tasted bacon in, but the website says that was in my head. Nutty goodness, flaky crust, I should have heated this up and placed it in a bowl with vanilla ice cream. Or bacon ice cream!

I'm completely prepared to try every pie Allison can concoct, they're available at, as dessert at Fatty 'Cue, every Saturday at Roni-Sue in the Essex Street Market, every Sunday starting April 11th at the Good Buns Market in Williamsburg, and beginning April 24th at the Hester Street Fair on Hester & Essex


Anonymous said...

OH my that looks amazing


This looks so divine! I live in Paris where there are pretty delish desserts too!
Gosh, I'm supposed to be on a diet!
NIce reading your blog, feel free to come visit mine.
No calories involved!
Have a nice day,

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