Friday, April 16, 2010

Food Truck-a-Thon, or How I Surf The Internets

Rickshaw Dumpling
Yes, my favorite waste of time isn't watching TV, it isn't playing my Wii, or drinking the booze, it's surfing the interwebs. I'm a click junkie, if there's a link, I click it. Last night, my click throughs led to finding out about an upcoming Food Truck-a-thon!

Ahhh, Summer
First, my trail went from to reading about Sam Sifton's week of food on Diner's Journal. He exercises more than I thought he would, and more than either of us do. It's intriguing and revolting at the same time.

Schnitzel Setting Up
Then I spotted in the right hand column "BLT Food Truck," wait, WHAT?! Red Alert NYC: We have a new burger truck, the Go Burger Truck, hitting up the neighborhoods. I haven't seen any first reports, but it's BLT (though no longer with the LT-Laurent Tourondel,) odds are high that it'll be good. I will seeking them out. Check out their Twitter feed here.

Soler Dominican Pupusa Truck
But that wasn't the end of the click parade, it ends here-Edible Manhattan's "More Food Trucks Than You’ve Ever Seen Together, Under the Brooklyn Bridge", The World's First Food Truck Drive-In Movie. Oh yes! During the Fourth Annual NYC Food Film Festival, there will be a massive amount of food trucks under the Brooklyn Bridge on June 26th from noon to 10pm. Watch movies, eat whatever (Please Dear God, bring us Kogi!)

Rickshaw Dumplings and Treats Truck...Sharing the Street
If you want to score some free tickets to this shindig, click here after noon today and get some! Or if you want to see the films for this year's festival, go here.

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