Friday, April 23, 2010

The Lower East Side is Getting a New Street Fair!

Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Oatmeal
Street Fair time is in full swing and this weekend brings another one that will go strong until the cold comes again. The latest one is the Hester Street Fair which will be open all weekend long until the holidays! And they've got some pretty awesome food vendors lined up.

Hester Street Fair
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The Hester Street Fair came about from 4 friends, one of the SuChin Pak of MTV fame along with her brother, Suhyan, who wanted to revive an old pushcart market space in the Lower East Side. This outdoor fair is only limited to about 60 vendors, 1/3 vintage wares, 1/3 crafts, and 1/3 food. But we only really care about that last third.

Bake Sale Set
Three of our personal favorites will be there: Roni-Sue Chocolates, Sarivole Organic Bakery, and First Prize Pies. Brownie, Lawman, and I got the chance to sample some of Michelle Sarivole's offerings and our personal favorite was the chocolate chip cookie. It blew us away, good chocolate to dough ratio, not too sweet, once it's warmed up a bit, the chocolate gets all melty and delicious. You need to get your hands on some of her cookies, they're definitely not to be missed. Roni-Sue will be bringing out her newest collection, The Bake Sale. I've tried 2/3rds of this box and each one is spot-on with my favorite being the key lime pie! I usually can't take more the five bites of anything key lime, but this is two-it's the perfect size! I love it.

Luke's Lobster
On the savory side, Maine is representing with some Luke's Lobster! Brownie may be up there getting the real deal, but don't feel left out! Eat some lob-stah! The lobster roll expect herself gives theirs a serious nod of approval, and she's harsh about her Maine food.

The Hester Street Fair is on every Saturday and Sunday until December
Hester Street & Essex Street (take the F to East Broadway)
10am to 6pm

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