Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pig Candy Cookies! Brillant!

Pig Candy Chopping
I had an epiphany a few weeks ago, why don't I take some of Roni-Sue's Pig Candy, break it up, and stick it in some cookies?! Why isn't this available? Surely someone would have thought of this and done it, right? I'm not the super creative baker here, that's Ms. Moses Peep, so I expect everything I think of to have been done and perfected by many before me. Experimenting was to be done!

Pig Candy Cookies!
First, I approached Roni-Sue herself, Rhonda Kave, at Cochon 555 asking if she's ever done it, or if one of her assistants had. I know that her right hand lady, Michelle Sarivole, has begun a bakery business, and wouldn't she have tried this long ago? The most insight Mrs. Rhonda gave me was to be careful, they use Callebaut chocolate and it may melt/separate from the bacon during baking. I picked up two strips of dark chocolate when I got my First Prize Pie, knowing that I was going to use my leftover Easter chocolate in some cookies. I made my cookie dough and before adding the chocolate, I took out about 1/4 cup of batter. It was time to see what happened.

Mmm, Bacon & Chocolate
My two strips ended up being about the right amount for 6 cookies, I do make them on the smaller side for maximum cookie quantity. I used a quite popular recipe for chocolate chip cookies, one that calls for baking at 300°F, and folded the bacon chunks in carefully to avoid any breakage. Thankfully the baking didn't result in pure chocolate melting or naked bacon bits. And the finished product? A success, I brought in enough for my guinea pigs-The Brit, Co-worker Friend Numero Dos, Grey, and Ginger-and all LOVED it: "Delicious," "Mmm, bacon," "Cookie, I love cookie," etc, etc. Like a chocolate chip cookie with a porcine kick, so fantastic I've decided to bring this cookie to Saturday's Great American Bake Sale! Jacquie of The JLH Life is the NY organizer for this year's national bake sale with proceeds going to Share Our Strength to help their fight against childhood hunger. The Brooklyn Flea has donated a table and a crazy number of desserts will be up for buying, so please come down on Saturday and buy some goodies!

NYC's bake sale will be this Saturday, the 17th, at the Ft. Greene Brooklyn Flea.
176 Lafayette Ave.
10am to 5pm
Map here.

Pig Candy is always available at Roni-Sue's
Essex Street Market (Delancey St & Essex St)
Monday to Friday 11am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 7pm

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