Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Make Mom Happy, Buy Her Some Blondies!

BGSK Peanut M&M Blondie
When I did The Great American Bake Sale, I noticed that the only blondies there were from Big Girls, Small Kitchen, a site I love visiting. I bought a couple, eating them later in the day, but forgot to take pictures. So when Cara & Phoebe told us that their blondies were bring sold by Baking for Good with proceeds going towards The Valerie Fund, a nonprofit for children, I knew that in order to tell you about it (and make you want to get your own) I'd have to buy some myself. So I did.

BGSK Peanut M&M Blondie
Baking for Good is an awesome California-based website/online bakery that donates 15% of your purchase to the cause of your choosing-there is a long list to pick from. Until Mother's Day, you can buy some of BGSK's Peanut M&M Blondies with proceeds going to The Valerie Fund "a nonprofit that provides support for the comprehensive healthcare of children with cancer and blood disorders." The price is $24 for a dozen of these ginormous bars that can arrive in time for your Mother's Day celebration if you get some today. I had picked the cheaper mail, USPS, so mine took an extra day or two.

BGSK Peanut M&M Blondie
Lucky for the late-arrivers at Street Meat Palooza, they got to taste the blondie deliciousness! Yes, even though my bag of treats was a few days behind schedule-I'd hoped they'd arrive last week-they were still fresh and delicious. Not as fudgy as the ones I'd had from the bake sale, these were more in the traditional vanilla blondie grain. I liked that they were the right amount of sweet, not cloying at all, with the Peanut M&Ms adding a slight bit of crunchy to the bars. And I bet your mom will love them, or your office, or your belly, and how can you not support a bake sale, it's for a cause! Buy some now!


Phoebe Lapine @ Feed Me Phoebe said...

Ladies--Thank you for the wonderful post and for supporting our cause!! We hope you enjoy the blondies! xx Phoebe

Hungry said...

Darn! I left SMP3 before I could snag one of these. Next time! Thanks for bringing it along.

Noelle said...

Wow, yummy! Those look amazing!

-Noelle xO