Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Year and Still Great BBQ

Sauce Fountain
Ah yes, I did eat some delicious BBQ this weekend, hitting up the Big Apple BBQ for the fourth year in a row, but my first without Brownie (sadness). I did have a good replacement with my friend who can eat his weight in 'cue, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of food he downed in a little under two hours. Yes, everything that follows was done in record time.

Pulled Pork from The Pit
I had to hit up Ed Mitchell & The Pit first, it's tradition with Brownie and I and I'm not one to break a good tradition. I missed out on cracklin' due to a small greedy child and some yuppie in a hot pink polo complete with popped collar. Little B, lesson #1: Don't come between me and crispy pork skin, it could get ugly.

Pappy's Ribs
After that, I was no longer in charge of the menu; when you're with someone who is a self-professed "BBQ snob," you don't start making recommendations. Onwards to Pappy's Smokehouse and their St. Louis Style Ribs AKA my favorite of the day. Saucy, crispy, tender, and good portion size-it helps when a pretty girl is smiling behind you saying, "Ask them for extra."

Beef Brisket from Jack's Old South
Then we got the only out-of-town beef brisket from Jack's Old South. Brisket was pretty tasty, and they got extra points for placing cut peaches in their beans.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
The line for Big Bob Gibson's was WAY too long, even for us. None of my favorite slaw this year, maybe this calls for a road trip to Decatur. Next up was Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint and some of their whole hog. Though I didn't like being made to eat coleslaw on my pork sandwich, the sandwich as a whole was delicious-more tender and moist pork and complementary sauce.

Baby Back Ribs
Then was old stand-by 17th Street Bar & Grill for some more ribs. I believe they've changed their sauce a bit. It's more mustard-based than I remember, its uniqueness stood out in a crowd of sweet traditional sauces. Not bad, my friend loved it, but I've never really been one to love any mustard or their sauces.

Pulled Pork
Last of the savories was BlackJack BBQ. If I'd had more room in my stomach, I could be telling you how delicious this was. The little piece I ate tasted like everything I'd want in a sandwich. Alas, I was defeated in this BBQ competition. Yes, he ate all of this too.

Blueberry Crisp a la Mode
But I ALWAYS have room for dessert, Blue Smoke changed gears this year, offering brownies, blueberry crisps, and root beer floats. This I ate with a happiness and joy, only to hear "I hit the food wall." "You've got to be kidding, you just ate a small farm."

All in all, a good time was had. Everything was excellent, the lines weren't nearly as bad as I've seen them before, and it was completely feasible to hit up a good number of stands before the rains came. Until next year!

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