Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby's First Cupcakes!

Robicellis Cupcakes for Baby B

We're big fans of Robicelli's. Matt and Allison make terrific cupcakes, and better yet, they're terrific people. A few days after I brought Little B home from the hospital my apartment buzzer rang. I had just gotten a diaper delivery from Amazon so I figured it was a package from my mom or something. A few short minutes later there was a knock on my door and instead of UPS it was Allison with a dozen cupcakes...

Now there are few things that a new mom appreciates more than a box of delicious cupcakes. This box from Matt and Allison included their Egg Cream Cupcake that they created for Brooklyn Based Anniversary. The egg cream cupcake was really good--the chocolate cake and sweet buttercream really captured the essense of a proper New York egg cream, but it was their Orange Chocolate cupcakes that captured my heart. In fact, I'll say it here--I do think that they are my very favorite of the Robicelli's cupcakes I've had thus far and easily in my top 5 all time favorite cupcakes. Rich delicious chocolate cake, silky smooth orange chocolate frosting with hand candied orange peel on top. So freaking delicious. Orange and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations--I make killer orange chocolate chip cookies that a certain, ahem, Lawman pretended to like before we got married and then admited that he wasn't fond of the citrus chocolate combo. Well, even he loved these orange chocolate cupcakes. They are THAT GOOD.

Robicellis Cupcakes for Baby B

I've been stalking the Robicelli's Twitter and Tumblr to see when they might be making these again. No luck yet, but perhaps (hint, hint) they might make their way into the rotation soon. A girl can hope, right?

Robicellis Cupcakes for Baby B

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