Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grapenut Ice Cream is Back at the Prospect Park Uncle Louie G's!

Grape Nuts and Waffles!
It's no secret that I love Grapenut Ice Cream--what can I say, I'm from New England? Last year I was sad to discover that Uncle Louie G's has taken it off their regular menu, so I'm pleased to report the flavor is back at least at one Uncle Louie G's location...

The other night Lawman went on an ice cream run and noticed a small sign that said Grapenut Ice Cream is available here. Sweet!


Also discovered that they'll do two flavors in their hand packed pints. I highly recommend getting Grapenut with Mint Condition Chocolate Chip.

Uncle Louie G's
157 Prospect Park Southwest
Brooklyn, New York 11218

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Elaine said...

Toscanini's!!! I used to love their grape nut ice cream.