Monday, June 21, 2010

I love Alcoholic Treats

Whiskey Gelato
Those of you who've met me know that I'm sort of shy. I'm not the mingle-r of this duo, that's Brownie all the way. I do try to overcome this personality trait, making myself go to food events without a security blanket to hide behind. Often times this only works when I've made a personal deal that probably involves a food reward. Yes, I have to bribe myself. This last week, I bribed myself with gelato. Thank God, the gelato had alcohol.

Whiskey Gelato
The said events, there were two that evening, were both set in trendy, yuppie places. You should also know that though I wear a lot of dresses (easy outfits to put together), I'm a dive bar kind of chick. I'm not cool enough for the cool people. Not that these places or events were bad, both were thrown by generous, nice people, but both placed me far out of my element. As I was on my way to the second location, I passed by Sugar Cafe on Allen and Houston and spied gelato through the open doors. "If you can handle two drinks at the next place, you can get gelato." I did, and my tummy won out. I was ready to get a usual flavor when I spotted a handwritten 'whiskey' sign in one of the tubs; there wasn't a second thought after that. This was perfect and summery, cool, creamy gelato with just the right amount of whiskey added in. Not too overpowering where you think you'd be better off having a drink. But it had just enough to take me to my happy place.

Sugar Cafe
200 Allen St (@ Houston)
(212) 260-1122


Sarah said...

I walk by there on my way to work! I think I may have to stop in for a treat since I am closing tomorrow night...

Anonymous said...

I was just there yesterday. With the opened sliding doors, I saw showcases of colorful cupcakes. Very tempting...did you get 'drunk' from the ice-cream? Would you recommend it over the other traditional flavors?

Val said...

MMM, I want gelato!!! Looks yummy.