Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is This Worth $3.75?

Chocolate & Dulce de Leche Sandwich
I think this is going to be the summer of the ice cream sandwich for me. It's everywhere I go, it's what I'm mashing together in my own kitchen, it's what I'm craving this very moment. I randomly came across the Street Sweets truck recently while they were advertising their gelato cookie sandwich. It was hot out-I broke and got one even though I was mere minutes from my apartment and some Ronnybrook ice cream.

Street Sweets
When I hit up the truck, they were only offering the chocolate or pumpkin tops from their whoopee pies with a medley of ice cream flavors. They do get exceptional props from me for using Ciao Bella Gelato. I went with chocolate and dulce de leche filling. My problem was with the tops, they're good for whoopee pies, but not as great as a chocolate chip cookie for a gelato sandwich. I enjoyed the dessert, though it did get very messy after two bites. They could place it in a dish like Peter Pan Bakery has learned with their sandwiches. Maybe I should have taken Amy's advice and seen if I could make a macarella sandwich, that would be awesome. But $3.75 for a sandwich I can hold in one hand and consists of three to four bites? I'm pretty sure I don't like that so much even if I adore the truck.

Follow Street Sweets on Twitter for updates on their daily location, or check out their website, www.streetsweetsny.com.

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alcibidean said...

hi blondie and brownie!

we're melt bakery, and we'd love for you to come try our ice cream sandwiches!

we're waiting to hear back from hester street fair, but we hope to be back there this weekend... you can keep track of us and contact us at www.meltbakery.com.

hope to see you soon!