Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Fancy Food Time!

Socola Chocolatier
There's lots of reasons to love June--the summer solstice, the start of cherry season, and of course, the Fancy Food Show. This year with Little B in the house, that unfortunately means no Fancy Food Show for me. Fortunately we have some very special Fancy Food guest posts from Lawman and Lawman-in-law. While they are distilling their fav Fancy Food finds, here's a little taste of something I'm super excited about...

Sôcôla Chocolatier, an Oakland based local and organic focused gourmet-chocolate company is pairing with the good folks at Cypress Grove to create some delicious new truffles.


It's hard to pick a favorite one of Cypress Grove's goat's milk cheese line.
That said, Truffle Tremor has a special place in our heats. And Sôcôla has paired it with Guittard Chocolate to create the "Double Truffle." This is perfect for those who like their savory paired with sweet. The richness of the truffles and the dark chocolate both come through. Delicious.

The Yuzu Honey Chevre Delight was my favorite of the two new truffles. It was subtler than the Double Truffle and a little more on the sweet side. The Yuzu marmalade pieces were tasty and gave it a nice bit of textural variation.

Either of these truffles would be a welcome hostess gift and would fit in well on either a cheese plate or dessert platter.


OBXBride said...

I absolutely have to try this out! Ill be at the ffs tomorrow, do you know if they are sampling these there?

Brownie said...

I believe they are sampling them just for press. Hopefully they'll have some leftover. Really delicious!