Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Midtown Lunch: It's Like a Sauna Out There

Italian Cookie Ice Cream
How did it go from comfortably warm to unbearably hot in less than two weeks? It's not even July yet! I already just feel like drinking vodka lemonade instead of eating actual food. But eat I must, and here's what I've been eating for Midtown Lunch.

Huevos Rancheros
I've been up to a lot for the last few weeks starting with this massive guide to frozen treats in Midtown East, got street cart falafel with some eggplant on top!, tried out the latest pizza truck at their preview and tried them out the first day on the street, Danny and I accidentally visited the same truck on the same day, and I've been giving into my chicken parmigiana cravings.

Miss Softee
And just because she's home with Little B doesn't mean Brownie's not paying attention, she reminded us to visit the places we love before they go buh-bye, and made sure we visited one of our faves, Miss Softee.

Check out our Midtown Lunch-ing highlights and lowlights over on MidtownLunch.com.


Elaine said...

I went in search of this, just kinda curious to see it. And they didn't have it. Boo. They did give me a free truffle for no reason, and I tasted a similar-looking flavor called Cupcake or something, which left one of those artificial low-quality sugar aftertastes... And it was totally freezer-burned. But the free truffle was nice.

Siobhan said...

Oh, that's no good. I'll do some investigating.