Tuesday, June 1, 2010

National Donut Day, The Most Perfect Holiday

Free Donut Day
Welcome back! Going back to work after lovely holiday weekends is so hard I've delayed doing it for a day (take that, office!) But you, my dear reader who we love so much, needs SOMETHING to look forward to. Well, this Friday is one of our most favorite holidays, National Doughnut Day! Of course Dunkin is celebrating with free donuts with a beverage. On the other hand, I might try to celebrate a different way...

Tim Hoho's Doughnut Cake
By making a doughnut cake!!! What, what! Yes, the gift of a doughnut cake pan was bestowed on me many moons ago and I believe it may be time again for me to recreate doughnuts as cake. This picture is what happens when you try to make two vegan doughnut cakes and stack them on top of one another. In culinary terms it's called an epic fail.

Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich
Or I could let myself do this again. Sweet, sweet Jesus, I could do this again.


Brownie said...

Ahhhh! I totally almost bought you a doughnut cake pan a few weeks ago!

molly said...

holy guacamoly. i don't know what is more fantastic: the discovery of this blog, or the discovery via this blog that tomorrow is national donut day. donuts are the best. they are amazing. they are the new cupcakes.

i'm so so sorry about your epic vegan donut fail. my friend made vegan donuts last night and they were the opposite of an epic fail, so in honor of donut day tomorrow i will do my best to finagle the vegan donut recipe from my friend so that i can post it on my blog.

blondie and brownie, i love you people already.

petewestwood said...

For those that think a donut couldn’t have a holiday, well screw you for trying to ruin my dream because National Donut day has been around since 1938. It honors real people (whoever that is) and the women that served donuts , coffee, pie and comfort to the American soldiers during World War I.