Thursday, June 17, 2010

Travels with Brownie: A Taste of Summer at the Dairy Frost, Brunswick, Maine


I love soft serve and I'm happy that one of our favorite soft serve vendors, Miss Softee is back on the streets, but I have to admit when I think of summer and soft serve, I think of Dairy Frost in Brunswick, Maine...

Dairy Frost is a great summer only ice cream shop in on the Bath Road in Brunswick. They serve Maine made Gifford's ice cream and of course, soft serve. My regular order? Vanilla cup with peanut butter sauce. Mmmm...summer.


Dairy Frost
107 Bath Rd
Brunswick, ME 04011

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Unknown said...

Hey look, it's my hometown! My mom used to take us there on the last day of school every year. I was always a big fan of their soft serves, dipped in chocolate or cherry shells. Their cookie dough is good, too. Though these days, if I were back there I'd be on Maine Street at the Gelato Fiasco. Better flavors than I've had in NYC ;)