Monday, July 12, 2010

Drinking Beer in a Park, Legally

Pizza and Beer
I had the typical New York adolescence in that I learned how to drink by chugging beer in parks. Usually from a keg, more often from a brown paper bag, sometimes playing drinking games or Monopoly. I've been chased by helicopters and mounties, but once you make it to the sidewalk, they can't arrest you. You learn to make it to the sidewalk. That was also my extent of running until the ripe old age of 26. But now I can drink beer and eat pizza legally every Wednesday night for the next few weeks, all while watching a movie! Ain't life grand?

McCarren Food
Last week was the opening show for this year's Summer Screen in McCarren Park, which is put together by the wonderful people of The L Magazine with help from sponsors. The movie was Say Anything, I'd never seen it before, but I do loves me some John Cusack any day. And what's a movie without food? It's a boring half date. Lucky for us, a few of our favorite mobile vendors are there: Pizza Moto, Asia Dogs, People's Pops, and San Loco, with refreshment from Sixpoint. Seeing as I had eaten from three of the four within a week of the movie, I chose to go with some pizza from Pizza Moto.

The Salvatore
The Salvatore, made with ricotta cheese from Salvatore BKLYN. Don't be fooled by this white pie, theirs are delicious with or without sauce, and Salvatore BKLYN's cheese is salty and addictive. In this pie, I was complete. Washed it down with some Sixpoint, and a date was had. This week's Labyrinth, yes with the Bowie. What kind of magic spell to use?

Summer Screen is going on every Wednesday until August 11th, in McCarren Park's concrete ball field on the corner of N. 12th and Bedford. Movie starts at sundown.


Meredith said...

In Rhode Island we used to climb down the ocean cliffs to drink- Not safe! I should check out the McCarren Park movies, it looks so fun!

Anonymous said...

My brother turned 21 on the 1st Ave by getting a "public consumption" ticket, with sirens blaring, after we all brown bagged it at Tomkins Square. Good times NYC. This legal stuff looks rather tame, and much too bright.

Vitamin D said...

Hey thanks for the nice review. Next time stop and introduce yourself. Cheerio -dave
ps illegal drinking in the burbs was mostly about bribing someone to buy us some 40's at the Korean Deli then drinking them glamorously under the train bridge. Ahh the good ol' days..