Friday, July 16, 2010

Food Truck Drive-In, A Month Later

Manhattan Bridge World Cup Screen
I just realized that I totally forgot to tell you guys about the Food Truck Drive-In that happened at the end of June for the NYC Food Film Festival! I was lucky enough to get Bez to come with me, she's been schooling it double-time for awhile and it's easier to get time with the Pope. But when both of us saw that that day was also the US vs. Ghana game, we knew that the Drive-In was going to be deserted at the beginning aka perfect for us.

Bean & Cheese Papusa
I had to start my lunching with a bean & cheese pupusa from Soler Dominican. I hadn't had one all summer, despite some serious cravings. I gave in, it was delicious.

Green Truck's Fish Tacos
Bez went with the fish taco from the Green Truck. It was tasty, but don't you hate when your guacamole is squeezed out like that. It's like guacamole puree. It bothers me.

Strawberry Milkshake
After a quick break that included a lemon meringue and a ham mousse, foods made by FCI in connection to the films playing, I decided to finally try the Milk Truck and their cheese sandwiches. Mine was a mozzarella tomato special, but the best part was that it came with a mini strawberry milkshake. And by mini, I mean the perfect size for me. It was thick, creamy, strawberry deliciousness. And I don't even particularly like strawberry milkshakes! And I sucked this thing down like all the strawberry ice cream on Earth was melting at once! It was awesome, and they should totally have a real truck where I can get milkshakes on a regular basis.

Asia Dog's the Sydney
Bez decided she would like to try AsiaDog's Sidney, it involves mango relish, cilantro, crushed peanuts, and fish sauce. She found this pretty enjoyable too.

People's Pops Plum & Sour Cherry
For dessert, we picked up plum and sour cherry pops from People's Pops and Bez is converted to their awesomeness. People's Pops has become one of my most favorite summertime sweets, it's grown-up ice pops and I totally wish I had one right now.


Sarah said...

Thanks for letting me know about this event! I went during the day too and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I still haven't written anything about it. How did the month go by so fast?

Crystal said...

There is an ecent like this happening in Los Angeles soon. I'm so excited! I mean, a grilled cheese truck??!!! Amazing!