Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Beer Month's Good Beer at BAM

Good Beer Seal
Good Beer Month's been passing me by, but there's at least one exciting event left to get my good beer and good food on: tonight at BAM aka Brooklyn Academy of Music. At least 22 of New York's finest eateries are matching up some of their delicious food with some great beer. And it's all for just 40 doubloons. Sweet!

Rick's Picks
Want to hear just part of what's sure to be an outstanding evening? Luke's Lobster is pairing up their shrimp rolls with Peak Organic. Rick's Picks (a jar of which I just finished off last night-we'll make no mention that it was only half full prior) is going with some Saranac. Two of my favorites are coming together for a harmonious union: Co and Magic Hat. Sigmund Pretzels (these are crazy good) is matched with Sierra Nevada. For all of the 22 to preview, click here. And be sure to click here to get your ticket!

The soiree's going on at BAM, 30 Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene from 4pm to 8pm. Be sure to leave work early in order to drink more beer!

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