Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard from DQ

Oreo Cookie Jar
Remember when Cookies and Cream was an exotic ice cream flavor? It was vanilla ice cream, but way better because it had cookie pieces. Cookies and Cream was my fav ice cream for a time during childhood until it was usurped by my discovering Cookie Dough. Dang, they could put actual cookie dough in ice cream?! What will they think of next? Well, Dairy Queen has topped them both with their Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard...

Cookie Dough pieces and Oreo bits whirled around vanilla ice cream with a chocolate swirl. Proof positive that cookie dough and cookies can exist in delicious harmony. Since this year is the Blizzard's 25th anniversary, DQ has expanded their blizzard menu to 25 different options, so no need to wait until this is a special Blizzard of the month.

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