Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Greenmarket Farmer News

Dag Hammerskjold Greenmarket
I love the Greenmarkets. My love of the fresh produce and friendly vendors runs deep; I typically find myself shopping there two or three times a week. Of course, summer is the hardest time to not buy everything! There's often too many fruits, vegetables, and flowers to choose from. And this past few Saturdays, I've been seeing little flyers at my local McCarren Park Greenmarket. Red Jacket Orchards and Ronnybrook are up to something!

Red Jacket Orchards
Red Jacket Orchards, one of the biggest names in fresh local food, is launching a new project, Healthy Bodegas. This is a new program with a goal of bringing fresh, local produce to some of New York's most underserved neighborhoods, starting with Bushwick and Bed-Stuy, Broooklyn. Though I have the option and means to get my fresh produce, that isn't the story for all New Yorkers, and getting nutritious, healthy food into the stores these neighborhoods can access-specifically bodegas-can only help them and New York as a whole. But in order to get this program off the ground, Red Jacket needs some help monetary wise. Feel free to click here and give a few dollars, and spread the word. Their donating bonuses mean you can score some schwag.

Ronnybrook (as vase)
Now another delicious vendor, Ronnybrook Farm Dairy is inviting everyone up to their farm on August 8th! Yes, you can visit the cows that help make their awesome milk and ice cream, and eat some food, and give your kids a day out of the city on a farm. After the 2 hour ride on the Metro-North to Wassaic, Ronnybrook'll get you from the train station so you can come hang out on the farm, and join in the celebration of their most recent accomplishment, solar panels. Everyone's going green, even cows! If you want to go, be sure to let them know here.

(P.S. I'm totally bringing the milk jar back soon! Blame it on the snap dragons that wouldn't fit in any of my other vases!)


roopa said...

Thanks for posting about Healthy Bodegas - it's such an important initiative in the City's fight against obesity by providing underserved neighborhoods with fresh, nutritious produce.

I do want to point out, though, that it is not a new program - the Health Department (where I work) has been running the Healthy Bodegas program since January 2005. What is new is that this year Red Jacket is partnering with the program to expand the network of participating bodegas and by offering their fruit (apples and recently cherries) at a discount to bodegas in specific neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The program has partnered with numerous other local farms over the years but Red Jacket is the biggest name signed on to date and has the capital to help expand this program in ways that other farms may not have been able to do.

That little point aside, I'm glad to see so many food bloggers writing about this initiative! Hopefully all the press will help the program grow.

Siobhan said...

Thanks for clarifying. I thought I had heard of Healthy Bodegas before, but didn't follow my instincts. I hope Red Jacket can keep with the program!