Thursday, August 12, 2010

Does Your Brunch Come With a Banana?

Eggs Bolivarianos
Last Sunday morning was rough-in at 4am and up again at 8am thanks to my circadian rhythms. Due to an upcoming trip, I haven't been buying a lot of groceries and I was in desperate need of sustenance. Then I remembered when Brownie and Lawman had visited me for brunch way back when, we'd hit up Cafecito Bogota for some Colombian delicousness. An arepa, eggs, banana, and good strong coffee seemed like just the right way to go.

Eggs Bolivarianos
This time around I chose the Eggs Bolivarianos: an arepa covered with salchichón (Colombian sausage), two poached eggs, and homemade Maracuyá (Passion Fruit) sauce. It's sounds a little crazy, but I found the sauce similar in creaminess to Hollandaise, and when you got a bite with everything it was definitely better than the sum of its parts. It helped that one of my eggs was PERFECTLY poached-even in some of the best places, poaching is hit or miss. Having one of my favorite fruits, a just ripe banana, can only help matters (and your hangover.)

No brunch is complete without a little hair of the dog, mine came as a Refajo: Colombian soda and beer. Yes, soda and beer. It's interesting, not a drink I could have often. The soda is very sweet, but bitterness of the beer tends to level it out a bit. It reminded me of a hard punch or cider. Cafecito Bogota's brunch is $12.50 before 11am or $14.50 after.

Cafecito Bogota
1015 Manhattan Avenue (at Green St.)
(718) 569-0077

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