Monday, August 2, 2010

Midtown Lunch: Shake Shack and $1 Trucks

Yes, Shake Shack came to Midtown, far enough that we won't be able to hit it up every day, but close enough for a long lunch. Treking across town in sub-tropical heat may have made a less than ideal summer lunch, but what you crave and all that. Here's what we did in July on Midtown Lunch...

Gelato Sandwich
I visited the newest Macaron Cafe, got more free People's Pops, tried to find Kosher waffles, did an Uncle Sammie Sandwich vs. Uncle Sammie slice head-to-head, had some black ramen at Hide-Chan Ramen, managed to visit Shake Shack in the only 15 minutes where there was no line, found kosher waffles and preferred the kosher falafel, picked up El Rey del Sabor's chalupa meal for $7, and got a bit of Italian deliciousness in Mia Dona's gelato sandwich.

Concrete Trio from Shake Shack
Brownie found a $1 slice truck, tasted every concrete at the new Shake Shack, prepared for the return of the original Soup Man, reminded us of the $1 ice cream truck, found herself in the middle of the Original Soup Man opening, tried out the Midtown Milk Bar's cake balls, got Tri Tip's Tuesday special, and sent us to the Rock Center Market.

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nycstylelittlecannoli said...

boy you both are very busy! the mia donna gelato sandwich looks amazing!!

DailyRunner said...

Exit at that 44th train station every work day to the shack's olfactory delights :)