Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Advantage Shake Shack Facebook Page

Shake Shack
If you don't "like" the Shake Shack-Official Page on Facebook, and you should because I know you've got Facebook, than you're missing out on knowing the latest news in Shake Shack land. For example, you would have missed out on hearing about this past weekend's special Labor Day weekend only concrete! Thank God my phone's got the interwebs and I'm a bonafide Facebook addict.

Last Days of Summer Concrete
Oh yes, during this past weekend, you could have gotten the special "Last Days of Summer" concrete at any of the Shacks. Vanilla custard, fresh banana slices, 'Nilla wafers, and a brown sugar caramel swirl. I went there, I did it, and I ate it while watching the US Open on AmEX's special screen in the uptown section of the Park. They said it was the ultimate banana pudding, and they weren't far off in that assessment. The 'Nilla wafers were basically thrown in whole which I sort of loved since it allowed me to do all the crushing, but I may have enjoyed the fresh banana more if it wasn't in slices rather than being mixed in. It's no replacement for some of the better banana puddings in the city, but if you wanted the baby of banana pudding and ice cream, this would have hit the spot. Maybe they'll bring it out again next year.

Shake Shack
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