Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Checking out this year's Bon Appétit Café


The Sunday food and fashion collided at Lincoln Center with the opening of the Bon Appétit Café pop up at Fashion Week. Sadly for many attending fashion week, delicious food is out of reach (you know the drill, a moment on the lips...), but the rest of us can rejoice, as this year's menu is quite possibly the tastiest yet...

Blondie and I were invited to sample the goods gratis at their press preview on Sunday afternoon. We tried a good portion of the menu and here are our recs for what to get and what to skip.


Vegatarian Bill Telepan's Vegetarian Cubano ($8)

As Blondie said: "the words Vegetarian and Cubano should never go together". That aside, this is a tasty and filling grilled sandwich stuffed with plenty of greens, cheese and pickles. If you're vegetarian, this makes for a nice lunch, but if you're carnivorously inclined, you can take a pass on this in favor of their other options.


Marc Murphy's Grilled Chicken and Feta Salad with Oregano Vinaigrette ($8)

This salad was one of my favorite things that I tried at the cafe. It was surprisingly filling, there was ample grilled chicken and the oregano vinaigrette was awesome. I would definitely get this again.


Michael White's Open-Faced Olive-Oil-Poached Tuna ($10)

Lawman loved this Tuna sandwich. It is only the pricier end of the menu, but it's no standard issue cafeteria tuna salad sandwich. Lawman is, shall we say, even thriftier than I am and he though that this was worth the 10 bucks.


Mario Batali's Caprese Salad ($8)

The Caprese Salad was loaded with heirloom tomatoes and is the perfect antidote to the end of summer blues. If you're just going to get one dish for lunch, I would suggest something a little more filling, but if you are sharing a few dishes, this is a nice one to have.


Missy Robbins' Ricotta, Prosciutto di Parma, Roasted Fig and Arugula on Ciabatta ($10)

What's not to like about a fig and prosciutto sandwich? I'm not the biggest arugula fan, but it was great on this rustic sandwich.


Cat Cora's Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

I love tomato soup and this is a very fresh tasting version. Nothing beats the pairing of grilled cheese and tomato soup and I applaud the use of grilled cheese croutons here. However with the wealth of options at the BA Cafe you can skip this one. It's tasty, but not $6.50 tasty. And the little grilled cheese croutons are really best enjoyed immediately before they get too soggy.


Each day they have a rotating menu of Agua Frescas. We tried their Mango Lime and Watermelon Mint Agua Frescas. Both were super refreshing. With fall around the corner, it was nice to still enjoy a summery drink. Agua Fresca usually goes for way more than $1.50, so I'd consider this a steal.


This was my first time trying Sigmund's Pretzels (3 for $3) and I would consider walking back up to Lincoln Center just for these Gruyere laced soft pretzel bites.

In the dessert realm, it's hard to miss.


BAKED's Cowboy Cookie with Oatmeal, Pretzels and Chocolate Chunks ($2) had a wonderful texture and flavor.


BAKED's Pumpkin Whoopie Pie ($3) was super moist and nicely spiced.


Christina Tosi's Chocolate Chip Cake Truffles ($3) are like a delicious hybrid of a cake and cookie dough rolled into a single ball of deliciousness.


Michael Laiskonis' Bacon Brittle ($2) is sweet and salty with just a little kick. I'll never say no to peanut brittle, especially if it has bacon.

I hope I have a chance to get back to the cafe before it ends on Thursday.

Bon Appétit Café Schedule September 12-16
Breakfast / Monday - Thursday / 9am – 11am
Lunch / Sunday - Thursday / 11am – 3pm
Wine Bar / Monday - Thursday / 5pm – 9pm

Avery Fisher Hall
64th Street & Columbus Avenue
New York City

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