Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let the Ice Cream Training Begin!

Of my favorite foods, the only ones that I might be able to eat some insanely ridiculous amount of are ice cream and chocolate. And maybe cake, I have fantasies of eating whole cakes. So when I heard about the Kitchen Sink Challenge out at San Francisco Creamery-eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings, three bananas, whipped cream, almonds, and a cherry-I knew that this is one of those crazy challenges I might have a shot at doing! (My sundae is the one with the rainbow sprinkles, of course!)

Eddie's Sweet Shop
But you can't just go out to San Francisco and eat all that ice cream! No, there is training involved. Yes, I am now in the midst of training for some crazy ice cream times. My first mini-challenge was the Banana Royale from Eddie's Sweet Shop in Forest Hills. Three scoops of ice cream with sliced banana, whipped cream, sprinkles, dry nuts, and a cherry. Not what I'll be up against come November, but I've got to start somewhere. At Eddie's, I chose the Mint Chip, Coffee Chip, and Chocolate with Hot Fudge. Now I can see why it's a Queens institution: their homemade ice cream is fresh, creamy, just sweet enough, and absolutely delicious. And the hot fudge is too die for! I could drink a whole bowl of that alone.

Empty Bowls
So delicious was my sundae that I didn't mind finishing my bowl and drip plate, success! Lesson learned: having different flavors definitely matters in avoiding palate fatigue. And I could have eaten more! On to the next mini-challenge!

Eddie's Sweet Shop
105-29 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, Queens
(718) 520-8514


Steve said...

you haven't lived until you walked from the Elmhurst Ave subway to Eddies!

Ms. Lam said...

I think I can eat a ridiculously large amount of ice cream and chocolate too ... maybe both, together, at the same time, and on top of cake! Anywho, I wish I can get some training for eating ice cream lol

Bipolar Betty said...

I can only imagine what a hardship this training will be :)

I seriously could die for amazing hot fudge...will have to check that out. So glad the rest of us get to reap the benefits!