Monday, September 13, 2010

Parked, the Vendys Pre-Game

For the past few years, Governors Island has been the place to be during the summer. It's relaxing, there are bike rentals, you need to take a ferry, the fast city life is left far behind until it's time to go home. And this year New York's foodies will descend upon the island with fervor in two Saturdays, the 25th. It's the Vendys. I don't think the Island's ready.

Labor Day Weekend was chock full of food events for those of us who didn't or couldn't leave the city; one such event was Parked 2010 on Governors Island. Silly me, I thought most people had left and didn't feel the need to rush to the ferry. Getting there at 1pm, I waited a hour for the ferry. Ferry fail. The whole time I tried to reassure myself that I was still going to get a good amount of food because surely the vendors will have a good amount of food, right?

Green Taste's Done
Partial fail. I did get food, but the food was running out fast. Green Taste was out. Robicelli's was out. Hermelinda Mexicana was out of food, but still had lemonade.

Calcutta Biryani
I'd been wanting to try the Desi Truck and they still had food, so off I went. I chose the Paneer Kati Roll and the Calcutta Biryani. I found the kati roll's filling to be deliciously spicy, but the doughy and cold parantha took away from the meal-Kati Roll Co. is still my number one. The Calcutta Biryani had nice chunks of meat, some seasoning and gets extra points for a lemon slice, but if this were StreetMeatPalooza, it would score in the average section. I had hoped to try the Goat Biryani, but they were out of it.

Hallo Berlin
For my second meal, I went for a Hallo Berlin miscellaneous platter. Greasy sausage, some spaetzle, a few pierogies, and chicken schnitzel-good East European comfort food. Everything was acceptable; the pierogies had good filling, the schnitzel was the lazy version (use the Italian herbs bread crumbs), but nothing was outstanding. I was going to ask about the MIA cart, but the line was long and the people were hungry.

By the time I finished my two meals, the lines had gotten worse. The line for The Cinnamon Snail Vegan Truck was even getting ridiculous. But was this a bad omen for the upcoming Vendys? In my opinion, no. Two main differences: The Vendys is ticketed to get in-they know approximately how many mouths will need to be fed. Secondly, the vendors make smaller samples of their menus. At the food truck events I've been to this year, the vendors keep making the mistake of serving their regular menu. If you make smaller portions at a cheaper price, people can try more things. We're coming to these events to sample a good amount of food at one time, and that should be taken into account.

Let's just hope that the Vendys also gets their own ferries, or I advise all to go early. Go for a Pre-Vendy bike ride or something.


Unknown said...

we got there at 11:30 and the lines were already starting to get crazy.

totally agree about not serving full menus at these events. that is just silly.

my review should be going up tomorrow morning

Unknown said...

WOW how long did you wait in the Hallo Berlin line? I was in line for the ferry at 11:30am and I think I got to the island around noon and Hallo Berlin was the 1st and only line I got in. It was already 40-50 people deep and I had to wait an hour just to get to the front of the line.