Monday, September 20, 2010

So Much to Eat!

Rickshaw Dumpling
Yeah, yeah, it's Monday morning already, but you guys know that I start thinking about the next weekend on Sunday night! I can't help it, I'm a planner. And these next three weekends are going to be FILLED with food between the Vendys, the New York Culinary Experience, Epicurious Entertains NYC, and the New York City Wine & Food Festival, it's up to you to pick your poison.

The Awards
Ah, the Vendys, our favorite day of the entire year. I've been the past two years and am excited to make this Saturday my third. The jury's still out on where I will be stationed to volunteer (I'm hoping for check-in, hint, hint), but just being there helping out, getting to know the vendors, and of course, enjoying the food is enough for me. An introduction to all the finalists can be found here. General admission tickets sold out a while ago, but if you and your friends have the cash, you can get Gold or Platinum Sponsorship tickets-4 or 8 tickets, respectively. You can also try Craigslist, where demand has definitely been higher than supply.

Eclair Class at the French Culinary Institute
Then next weekend is the incredible 2010 New York Culinary Experience. This is not for the weak, or the broke. For two days, some of the city's, or for that fact the country's, best chefs will be giving hands-on, private cooking demonstrations and workshops to those who can afford the $1,595 ticket price. Just look at the names on this page to see why you'd have to shell out the dinero for this dream. Oh, and it's be at the French Culinary Institute, my dream school. Tickets are still available.

While that's going on, we also have Epicurious Entertains NYC again, including another Ultimate NYC Lunch Break! They also get kid-friendly on that Saturday with a three-hour foodie playtime. I wish they'd had these when I was growing up! For the evening, they have three fantastic dinners to attend, each done by a famous chef, or you could go to their Sunday Football BBQ Feast. Last year's event was near the top of our list, so if I were you, I'd buy tickets.

Champagne at SWEET
The round-up to this three events is one of the biggest of the year, the New York City Wine & Food Festival: four days of food, booze, demos, and parties. After last year's, I was worn out, but very happy I got to go. Brownie hopes that it'll be her third year of attending SWEET, the dessertest dessert event we've ever gone to. I'm hoping for Carts in the Parc. Some of the sessions have sold out, there are still a good amount of tickets available, and there's something for everyone!

2010 Vendy Awards
Saturday, September 25th, Noon-5pm
Governors Island

2010 New York Culinary Experience
Saturday and Sunday, October 2-3
French Culinary Institute

Epicurious Entertains NYC
September 29-October 3

New York City Wine & Food Festival
October 7-10

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