Monday, October 18, 2010

The Football Feast from Epicurious

Plate O' BBQ
Whoa, I'm way late on this one, but since I like telling you about things in chronological order, and you probably want to hear the lowdown on the 27 desserts I tried at Sweet (my pancreas is still mad at me for that), I have to tell you about what I did the weekend before NYCWFF, don't I? There was sausage involved!

Epicurious Entertains NY 2010
I had the chance to go to the Football Feast last year, getting my first taste of the deliciousness that is Fatty Cue, so when they allowed me to swing by this year, I was more than happy to accept. This year's was catered by Hill Country. True to last year, they delivered on the amount of food available and set it out the best way, as a buffet.

I love buffets
A full plate of food there included ribs, sausage, spicy chicken wings, mac & cheese, slaw, and cornbread. Of the bunch, I liked the ribs the most, crispy skin and meaty, but the best part of the plate was the mac & cheese. It was cheesy with a crunchy top, like any good mac & cheese should be. I could have eaten a whole tray.

Unfortunately, I was late in trying to get a few mini cupcakes. By the time I had gone back downstairs from the roof, all that was left was the Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcakes. Not that this was bad because it was one of the moistest, flavorful PB&J cupcakes I'd had in a long time.

Epicurious Entertains NY 2010
Lastly, check out this pool. It's inside the SoHo Mansion, where the events were held. Thanks to everyone at Epicurious for having us! 'Till next year!

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