Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fried Apple Pie! Fried. Apple. Pie!

Fried Apple Pie
We here at B&B are some fanatical pie-lovers. Brownie practically ate it every week during the summer, and there are few things in the world I enjoy as much as a nice warm slice of a fruit pie (preferably apple or peach!) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I have dreams that involve that exact dessert at least once a month. But fried apple pie! Homemade, even! That is just crazy talk, and this is the last weekend you can try it out at the Hester Street Fair.

Melt Bakery
Melt Bakery started serving to the public over the summer, but it wasn't until last weekend that I stood up and took notice. Not because of their ice cream sandwiches, which got rave reviews from my friends, but because they are frying homemade pocket pies on site.

Fried Apple Pie!
The second I saw "Fried Apple Pies" I 'mind over matter' forced my stomach to make room (this being after a big brunch.) A few moments in the fryer, and I was in warm pie heaven. It's quite possibly the only way you can eat a piece of pie without a fork. The sweet-tart filling, the finishing roll in cinnamon sugar, the fried dough, the freshness of it all; it was hard for anyone to steal a bite. This may be my best dessert of the year. It's seriously outstanding. They're also doing pumpkin pie, and that probably blows everything out of the water.

Fried Apple Pie
Though the fair's running to December, The Fair is over after this weekend! There will be a fun Halloween celebration during Sunday afternoon...Melt Bakery is going to focus more on deliveries and such after this weekend. If you don't get the chance, their products can be found around the city.

Hester Street Fair
Hester St & Essex St
Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 6pm


Leah said...

Fried apple pie nom nom nom...

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Fried apple pie is the best! I always have this when I was still in school!

UltraClay said...

These remind me of the old apple pies they had at McDonalds when I was a kid. yum.