Monday, October 4, 2010

LIC's Sweetleaf is Growing!

Sweetleaf Expands
I'm constantly passing by Long Island City's Sweetleaf Coffee & Tea since my bus stops right in front, but rarely do I actually get the chance to go inside. The cafe closes at 7 weeknights aka the time I'm usually catching the bus, and my weekday morning coffee is exclusively Joe's in Grand Central (I feel like I'm cheating when I drink other coffee on the weekends!) But the other night, I noticed that I might be going there more to chill during the winter months because Sweetleaf won't be a little nook anymore.

Sweetleaf Expands
The frames store that was their neighbor moved recently, and I instantly became curious as to what would move in. Well, it appears that Sweetleaf had some expansion plans. Passing by recently, the paper had come down off the windows showing off the new interior. The shop now may be a wee bit cozy, but once the expansion opens up, the space would be altogether awesome. Expect many posts on their delicious treats.

Sweetleaf Coffee & Tea
10-93 Jackson Avenue (at 11th St)
Long Island City
(917) 832-6726


jww1066 said...

According to the owner, they're opening the new space Tuesday Oct. 4th and closing the old space for a week. Then (I think) the old space will reopen as their Internet nook.


Siobhan said...

Sweet! I'll be on the lookout tomorrow morning! Thanks, James.